Orion Camera System

The general objective of the course is to develop skills among participants for the correct use and installation of camera traps to evaluate tree fauna.  The course will be taught mainly by PhD (c) Pedro Méndes-Carvajal, founder of the Fundación Pro Conservación Primates Panameños.  He designed the Orion Camera System – SCO, a novel methodology that allows camera traps to be installed in the forest canopy without the need to climb trees.  His design was published in the Mesoamerican Review in 2014 and can be downloaded HERE.

The course will be theoretical-practical and will be divided as follows:

  • Day 1: Arrival at the El Caucho Biological Station of the Cerros de Amotape National Park, Tumbes. General talks about camera traps (history, utilities, tips).

  • Day 2: Talk about the Orion Camera System (SCO), knot workshop, archery practice and SCO demonstration.

  • Day 3: Installation of the SCO (each participant).

  • Day 4: Return to the city of Tumbes.

Since we only have 10 vacancies for the course, we will do a selection process for interested people.  Please send a letter of intent with a brief description why you want to participate in the course and attach your CV to [email protected] until August 10th.  We will give the results the following days.


Note: Pedro Méndes-Carvajal is traveling exclusively to Peru to share his knowledge for free.  The cost of the course is to cover his passage from Panama and to cover most of the course expenses.  A part of the cost of the same is being covered by the project Primates del Nor Oeste

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