Completed Courses

One of our objectives is to promote the training of researchers related to the biological sciences, with an emphasis on wildlife. As well as provide environmental, social and ecotourism advice for scientific development. Under this idea, we developed various courses and workshops focused on research and wildlife conservation.

Course / 01

Orion Camera System

The general objective of the course is to develop skills among participants for the correct use and installation of camera traps to evaluate tree fauna.  The course will be taught mainly by PhD (c) Pedro Méndes-Carvajal, founder of the Fundación Pro Conservación Primates Panameños. 

Course / 02

Camera trapping course

The general objective of the course is to develop skills among the participants for the correct use and installation of camera traps, in addition to emphasizing topics such as study design, data analysis (occupation models, accumulation curves, relative abundance, activity patterns, etc.) and data interpretation.

Course / 03

Field Techniques to
Survey Mammals

This was the first event to be organized, in collaboration with the Loreto Primatology Team. It was carried out in the city of Iquitos and the correct use of various equipment for the registration of land mammals was taught.

Course / 04


The course will provide complete and up-to-date information on the principles and applications of bioacoustics in chiropterans. In addition, it will include sessions for detecting, recording and analyzing echolocation calls.

Course / 05

Morfometry Geometric

This was the second course that was organized, in which 30 people participated, mainly from the city of Lima.

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