Wildlife Roadkill in Peru

Unfortunately, wildlife roadkill are increasing and becoming common in Peru, due to urban and rural development. This threat, little studied in our country, is added to the others already originated by humans, such as deforestation and fragmentation of forests, climate change, hunting and the presence of exotic species.

In face of this growing threat and because several people informed us about these roadkill through the Desert Cat Project, we consider it necessary to implement this citizen science platform. Here, travelers and wildlife lovers can share their reports. With this information, we will create a database and identify areas of high mortality, to propose different mitigation measures. In this way, we would be supporting the coexistence between wildlife and people.

How can you support this initiative? It can be through our WhatsApp (+51 965488960), by Facebook or Instagram. The more detailed the information, the better it will be for everyone, so we ask that you please share the following:

  1. Name of the species (common and / or scientific). Indispensable.
  2. Reference of the place (e.g. km 20 of the Northern Panamerican Highway). Indispensable.
  3. Photo of the roadkill.
  4. GPS coordinate *.

* If you do it by WhatsApp, instead of providing the GPS coordinate, you can share your location. If you can’t get the GPS coordinate, or share your location, the place reference is enough. If you do not know the animal species, do not worry; just send us a good photo.
Thank you for your support and please help us share this initiative.